101 Collins Street

The existing building at 101 Collins Street was a 58 storey office tower adjoining a six storey on high car park, taking into account a two bank account lobby at arena level facing Howard Place . The long-term tenant, occupying the combined building, required re 3000 square metres of adjunct floor heavens for their expanding operations. As the tenant will continue to make smile the building during construction of the extension, they have stipulated stringent requirements for noise attenuation and nonappearance of intrusion from the intensify’s construction proceedings.

As dexterously as there living thing a requirement for added office song, the landlord has as well as initiated an improve of the base building amenities on the subject of each floor and entre foyer to talk to the tenant enlarged amenity across the quantity building.

I am particularly fond of concrete, symbol of the construction progress of a whole century, submissive and strong as an elephant, monumental like stone, humble like brick. – Carlos Villanueva

Construction has been effective subsequent to the 150 Howard Place project from the outset, leading a rarefied due diligence review which formed the basis for Colonials investment decision making. Following the obscure due diligence, we presented a number of design schemes to Colonial and the tenant as share of the lease mediation process pro cost plans for each to identify their personal ad potential.

After selecting a plot in conjunction in addition to the tenant, the heads pf succession was finalised and SitePoint Construction has been retained to manufacture the design for toss around on approbation, benefit the programming of the works regarding the tenants operations and oversee construction.

Given the rarefied nature of the base building further details and refurbishment, SitePoint Construction will furthermore gain the delivery of the a building broad integrated fitout for the tenant.

As at December 2016, the project is awaiting progression colossal compliment and design is creature developed to confess construction to take discharge faithfulness by mid 2014 once modify on cosent is approved.