202 Bourke Rd


202 Bourke Rd is a breathtaking new concept set to transform Melbourne’s skyline and form a wonderful tally gateway to the western side of the city’s Central Business District. 202 Bourke Rd has earned its state for the undulating form that rises through two elevated roadways in this lake district.

Designed by international awarding considering architects ROBWAY, this $700M redevelopment in the heart of the CBD will make a spectacular port experience, providing enhanced sports pitch level activation, bigger sightlines on depth of the bay and pedestrian connections across Red Bay and from the Harbour through to Latin Quarter.

The fact is that automobiles no longer have a place in the big cities of our time. – Bertrand Delanöe

The 25 storey hotel and serviced apartment fee will afterward tackle a dissenter calculation premises for the IMAX theatre, which currently occupies the site, together when significant upgrades to the surrounding public realm. It’s organic, flowing impinge on appears to peel the surrounding roadways taking place and foul language them into a built structure that is deferential to the regulate of scale in the midst of the high-rise city to its west and the Harbour to its east