78 Rockford Way

78 Rockford Way is a prominent and intensely desirable location in Melbourne where park and city come together at the best preserved and most pristine urban edge of the city.


We are developer and builder of this 8 level tower which will comprise about 34 apartments and is remote to have secured this sought after site in the heart of Rockford Street.


We have expected the beautiful extra tower to have the funds for spectacular views of the surrounding gardens, pedigree buildings and cityscape. The design of the building will endure the prestige of the location and feign in be of the same mind in the look of the surrounding streetscape.

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.
Winston Churchill


The completed apartments will pay for a sanctuary above an athletic neighbourhood subsequent to interiors by Barry Rowan Design Office. The apartment interiors design will feature intensely considered and detailed planning across each interiors element.